joule thief tazer like device

Here’s a project I had made utilizing a scrap toroid and some wire
Using a 1k resistor, pn2222, 1w white led, AA battery,
Two turns primary 18ga, two turns secondary 18ga, HV winding about 50 turns 28ga
Wired the secondary and primary in the usual joule thief way, got about 130khz nearly square wave
took the HV winding(meter says about 11volts but its really more like 36 no load)
fed that into a 1KV rated cockcroft walton multiplier I made with 12 stages
I get just over 1200volts out of that XD


Btw gives a good shock lol, the joule thief draws 120ma from the battery, very low ma output on the HV, drops to 0v if it has a load, but definetly a decent shock, also I can make it positive or negative with the multipler due to a cool desi g that allows it to be reversed

He he he .. cool. Not very arduino-related though.

Not yet lol....