Joystick emulator


I am handicapped (quadriplegic) and I cannot remain pressing on the keys of a keyboard like a valid person.

Today I would like to play a game called "Farming simulator 19"

The problem is that to advance in the game you have to stay press the "Z" key, stay press the "S" key to move back, stay press the "D" key to turn right, keep pressing the "Q" key to turn Left.

First of all I invite you to watch this video.

My goal is therefore to be able to realize this system but from a joystick.

Suddenly pressing the joystick forward it will simulate pressing "z", pressing it back will simulate pressing "s", pressing to the right will simulate "d", pressing towards left will simulate "q"

Here is the Joystick I would like to use.

So I want to know if I can make a keyboard emulator from an Andruino?

PS: I'm on Mac 10,14.6

Thank you

i think it's doable. Control servo module with joystick provides an example for how to use analogRead() to interface to the joystick

by comparing the analog input value to various values and allowing for a deadspot in the middle, a joystick should be able to emulate the pressing of various keys on a keyboard.

it may be able to emulate two keys by recognizing that it's been move to the extreme, in other words to the right and all the way to the right.

Is it possible to buy Arduino already configured? because as I am quadriplegic I cannot create Arduino

i certainly don't know of any products that do what you ask

it doesn't need to be arduino based. you might be able to get a high-school student to build one as a project. there are probably joysticks with usb interfaces that could be used with an app on your pc. someone would need to develop the app between the joystick and the game