Joystick Library and Leonardo

Hello and thank you for looking.

I am trying to make a Windows game controller with one joystick and two sliders (X & Y, Throttle, Rudder) from an Leonardo and there is a library for that by M.Herionimus at GitHub.

GitHub - MHeironimus/ArduinoJoystickLibrary: An Arduino library that adds one or more joysticks to the list of HID devices an Arduino Leonardo or Arduino Micro can support. .

I cannot get it to run on my Windows 10 machine, but will run fine on my Windows 7 machine. Problems is in Windows 10 it will only recognize x and y axis and ignores, throttle, steering, rudder, Rx, Ry, etc.

Anyone know how to help???? Thank you!!!!!

Mr. moderator; this post should probably be moved from programming to guidance(???)

Yea!! Yea!!!

Found the problem. There was a custom joystick calibration for the Leo...restored to default and everything runs great now!!!