Joystick mapped to WASD controls

Hi guys. I have mapped wasd controls to my arduino so that it can control to motors that operate like a pan&tilt camera systems. Now the goal is to use a joystick in order to control the pitch and yaw of the system. As of now, I have been able to control W, A, S, and D individually on the joystick (use all 4 cardinal directions) however, if I try to go between two directions, it fails. I suspect this has to do with the fact that by default, you cannot press multiple keys and hold them down to get both alternating. I attached my code below (first with only cardinal directions setup, second is my attempt at a 16 direction controlled joystick map. Thanks in advance!!!

WASDPosToAng.ino (2.44 KB)

WASDControl.ino (17.5 KB)