Joystick to Motor Speed Issues

New to coding (<2 weeks). I have set up this code to take the joystick inputs, run tests against data, and output speeds for 4 different “motors” into the serial monitor. Values for the joystick change when the joysticks are moved, but the “motor speeds” do not change.

I don’t believe I am caught in an infinite loop because the joystick values change in the serial monitor.

Maybe i am not using the proper loop type to test the joystick values?

Any help is much appreciated!

Joystick_Drone.ino (3.1 KB)


  if(HorzLow_DZ <joyPosHorz < HorzHigh_DZ && VertLow_DZ<joyPosVert<VertHigh_DZ){

is not doing what you think. It is doing the first less-than comparision and that result (a boolean) is then compared to the next less-than operator.

  if(HorzLow_DZ <joyPosHorz  && joyPosHorz< HorzHigh_DZ && VertLow_DZ<joyPosVert && joyPosVert <VertHigh_DZ){