Joystick with many buttons and LEDs on Leonardo

I'm trying to create a touchscreen HID that has at least 60 buttons and 20 LEDs. I'm using a 4D systems touchscreen and a leonardo. I used a teensy 3.1 and was able to get plenty of buttons, but the 4D systems library seems incompatible with it. So I'm back to the leonardo. I've done hours of searching and trial and error, but just haven't found much on adding buttons and LEDs.

Has anyone here done anything similar with the leonardo?

for reading buttons and driving an array of so many switches and leds utilise 74HC595s for outputs meaning driving leds and use 74HC165s for reading inputs that isfor reading switches, these both are 8-bit shift registers, look for library to utilise them in Arduino Playground.

In regards to many button inputs you could use the analog inputs with series resistors as shown here:,20125.0.html