JPG7 Series Level Transducer

I am planning on using level sensor as a river level gauge to protect against floding. It’s currently in place and use on an “old school” system which give updates once a day.

I have a seeduino stalker with a gprs shield and plan on using this system to provide 15min updates

The level sensor works from a 5V supply and output 0.5V to 4.5V.

I am looking for advice on how to interface it, i.e. can I direct connect to the board, +5v, gnd and a read on which pin?
Sorry, I’m more software than hardware.

Any help greatly appreciated.


Datasheet for sensor

Connect to +5V and GND to power it up, and signal line to analog Input. Than use analogRead command in your scetch, basically software would be same as VoltMeter, there are dozens project posted on-line to measure battery level. You only need re-calculate voltage back to level with some "map-command ?" simple formula.

You might get problems because the Stalker does not supply 5V except it's connected by USB. As I guess you wanna drive it from battery you need a step-up DC/DC converter to get the 5V for the sensor. The Stalker is driven by 3V3, so the analog inputs accept the range 0V-3V3. Your device generates higher voltages, so you need a simple voltage divider (a 3k3 and a 2k2 resistor will do the job) to be able to connect it to an analog input (A0-A5). To keep the sensor from constantly using current I'd switch it on and off with a transistor.

wow, thanks for the speedy replies.

Ok will do a bit more research on situation with 5v on Stalker.

Also have this board as will be using with battery & solar panel

From what I read on the schematics etc, I can get my 5v supply from here.

making a voltage divider shouldn't be too hard for me.

Any reference docs recommended for researching switching on-off sensor with transistor? Will google around.


Also have this board as will be using with battery & solar panel

The Stalker already has connectors for a solar panel and a battery as well as the necessary electronics for charging, so why this additional shield? If you wanna drive the Stalker with the 5V it (perhaps, didn't check) provides, will waste a lot of your battery's capacity.