JSON/.txt file send to pc through telemetry using arduino.

Hello Guys, I want to send a .txt file or a JSON file to pc through telemetry using arduino.
My setup is that i have one telemetry(transmitting end) connected to arduino and other telemetry(receiving end) to other pc , Now I will sent a text file from the one end and file should be received at the other end.
Please provide some helpful resource .
thanks in advance.

You didn't say what distance is required.
Sparkfun sells a satellite transceiver that will work anywhere on the earth's surface. See RockBLOCK Mk2 - Iridium SatComm Module - WRL-13745 - SparkFun Electronics

Distance is not the main focus(around 100m) , our main focus is to able to read a text file and sending it to other pc using telemetry transmitter and receiver.
provide me a code for getting text file and sending it other telemetry end , also i want to know is there any library available for handling files of pc in arduino(like sending and receiving file between 2 arduinos).

Are you using a packet or stream telemetry system?