JST XHP pins source

Hello All. I'm seeking JST XHP pins only. There are oodles of kits available that have pins (male& female) and the connector housings but the only components I need are the female (JST XHP) pins. I did numerous internet searches for those only but have come up empty. Anyone know of a source? Thanks - Scotty

Are these the kind?

Bingo! Thank You.

I purchased a kit with pins and connector housings from Amazon. Many of my first crimps were near failures in that the pin's retaining tab was crushed back into the pin during crimping and I had to dig it out for the pin to function. I also purchased pins from Digikey that missdrew pointed me to. Those worked much better in that there was more clearance for the retaining tab to be clear of the tool for the crimp. There was also more spacing from pin to pin on a string of pins. Keeping the pin on a short string rather than breaking the pin off and then trying to insert it into the tool makes pin insertion more manageable. The slightly wider distance between pins helps.
Upon examining the pins under magnification, there is an apparent difference in quality. The forming of the metal to create the pins from the kit is sloppy compared to the pins from Digikey. Another observation is that prior to inserting a pin into the crimper, the 'wings' of the kit pins that wrap around the wire's insulation had to be bent in towards each other to allow the pin to fit into the crimper. This pre-insertion task was not necessary with Digikey's pins.

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