JTAG debugger which one and how

With my current project I reached a point where I think that I need stronger debug capabilities. So I figure that a JTAG debugger would be a good idea. However the AVR JTAG ICE has a somewhat hefty price tag.

I found here AVR JTAGICE mkII Nachbau für €64,20 ( Plus 22$ Porto ) - Mikrocontroller.net recommendations for clones by keeelectronics and sure electronics. Has anyone experience with those? Are they as good as the original?

Another issue is where to find good information on how to set this thing up with Linux (Ubuntu). Does anyone know a good tutorial for Linux and AVR JTAG debugging? So far I found only partial information.

Any hints are appreciated.

Cheers, Udo

Any hints are appreciated.

The ATMEGA 168 chip does not have any JTAG hardware on it.