JTAG for MKR VIDOR 4000 in Ubuntu 19.4

Hi there,

I am usually working with my SoC DE1 (Cyclone V) board, where I setup a JTAG connection and then from Quartus 18.1 Lite I can put my schema's on the FPGA device. For the Arduino MKR VIDOR 4000 board I was expecting the same. But my JTAG deamon (jtagd) does not pickup the device.

Can someone please help me configure the JTAG connection? I have the serial devices (both in normal and boot loader mode).

Maybe I need to use a different jtag client in combination with the device?

Any help is welcome!


I just found a way (probably the way) to prepare the FPGA with a schema build in Quartus. Using the ttf image and reverting the bytes and then to blend that with the jtag code template. So it works, but it is still a bit of a hassle. I would like to burn the FPGA form withing Quartus for quick debugging. T.

You can also try the USBBlaster sketch.

It works to a degree, simulating the real thingy.
I can see the fpga chip within quartus programmer and upload new .sof file.

Note though that the protocol had to be reverse-engineered by arduino team, and it’s incomplete.
You can load new fpga config on the fly, but you can’t use more advanced features, like programming the attached flash chip using factory default sfl image.