JTAG & ISP over ~2m cables

Hi all,

I've been working on a board for nearing 6 months now, that will ultimately be embedded away and hard to get to for me - but, I'd still like the option of having the ISP & JTAG lines accesible over a cable with cable distances of roughly 2 meters.

What are the likely challenges / issues with this? Seems JTAG themselves recommended very short cables http://www.jtagtest.com/faq/jtag-ieee-1149-1/how-long-should-the-jtag-cable-be

I've heard something about increasing the signal strength using a buffer, but I can't say I'm entirely sure I know what that means?


It's not likely to work very well. You'd be much better off running something that's intended to go 2+ meters (USB or "real" rs232 serial) over the long like, and putting a converter near your board.