Jukebox Integration

I have three old Rowe Jukeboxes I was looking at getting repaired. However, while searching the web for different parts I stumbled across a device that converts the jukebox's signal into something that goes into a micro controller that would then chose a file from a hard drive. This controller is about $200, so I was wondering if this is a project that would be doable for less than that.

The way the jukebox works is that you punch in the album number (two digit number from 00-99) and then the song number (00-99, however its normally around 14 or so). The way the bought micro controller then works is that it uses a FAT32 formatted hard drive that has its files organized in a certain way. My understanding is that there are folders corresponding with the album numbers and inside the folders there are the songs that have the name starting with 00,01,02,03... until you reach the amount you want.

If there was any way to figure out the ROWE computer signal so that we can figure out the selection and then play it from the drive, and then get an audio out? I have seen systems previous to this that are similar, however none for this exact application. Let me know your thoughts!

Did you ever figure this out? I am going to tackle a similar project soon. From what ive found, the wiring harness uses a matrix which can be read by the arduino. Im thinking of using a Mega and the mp3 shield.