I am looking at building a large array of dimmable lightbulbs. Most dimmer circuits I looked at are quite complex (for me). Especially if you need 400 of them. Any ideas how to simplify the process? Can I dim a lightbulb using a circuit like this http://www.velleman.eu/distributor/products/view/?id=9071 and PWM?




4 triac outputs: 1.5A (uncooled, 4A cooled) power supply: 9VDC, 200mA

That's not within the capabilities of an Arduino, without some additional hardware.

How are you going to control 400 of these with 6 PWM pins?

I guess dimming is a pipe dream. So if I go for switching I should still look at triacs right? I did a lot of relay switching but it is expensive and bulky.