Jump cables?

Just wondering can you buy jump cables that splits from 1 to say 5 cables? Only asking as I'm going to have multiple potentiometers that all need access to the 5V on the board. How could I do this?


Generally strip and tin your wire unless it's single core wire, and connect if they're close enough a solder bridge... picture?

I've never seen hookup-wires like that, but they would be useful for Vcc and ground, so if you find any do report back. Sometimes I find I have to use a breadboard solely for the purpose of distrubuting power to breakout boards, all the other wiring is point-to-point between Arduino and breakouts...

I do the same except I have a red/green dual common anode LED connected to a DPST Power switch that lights a green led when the switch is off and a red led when it's on... The led turns yellow when the target board is 'accidently' powered from another voltage source and the Power switch is turned off. Perhaps overly... something? but it has saved me some grief and some parts and work on more than one occasion..