jumper wire y adapter

is there an easy way to connect 2 pins to one jumper wire without soldering or using a breadboard?
it would essentially be a combination of a jumper and a jumper wire.

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Strip and connect the 3 loose ends in a Wire nut or some kind of crimp connector.

Or twist the 3 ends together and wrap them up in electrical tape, heat shrink tubing.

Adafruit has started selling these cold splice units for 22-26 gauge wire: Cold Splice Wire Tap (UB) - 10 pack : ID 1494 : $2.95 : Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits. If you look around, you can also find it on ebay.

I found the initial set of wires I used were a little too thick, but it works well with the stranded wire I now use. You do need to use regular pliers to make the splice. Needlenose pliers just don't have the leverage to get the plastic to close properly.

If you live in the USA, Radio Shack sells similar splice units, though the RS units tend to be for thicker wire (18-22 gauge in this case): RadioShack.com Official Site - America's Technology Store