Jumping Nano pin 13 across the board

i would like to make an "SPI cable" for easy plugging instead of always plugging in jumper cables one by one, the "problem" being that the pin 13 (for CLK) is not on the same side as the MISO (pin 12) & MOSI (pin 11).

can i just use a connecting wire like so;

so that the "SPI cable" can then be plugged in easily ?

i've not quite grasped inductance and was wondering what sort of "interference" would occur with that kind of layout.

Why not give that a go?

Cheaper to ask than to try?

same kind of response can be given to a question:
"if i jump off a bridge, will i die ?"

the difference being, most people know the "Human Pizza Gravity Laws", whereas i'm not sure about what goes on with Inductance in this scenario.

i realise it will probably work, i just want to know the proper theory no matter how "negligble" the amount.

That will work just fine, you will not have an issue.
You're not making multiple loops of wire as would be found in an inductor.

That will work just fine, you will not have an issue.

But theoretically there are electromagnetic fields that would interact between the wire and the USB plug ?

Not at these voltage & current levels.

At the data rates and wire lengths involved the inductance and capacitance is very small and will have no real effect on operation. Its safe to jump off of this bridge since it's only a small fraction of an inch high.

heh-heh, okay thanks then, guys.

until my "Honey I Shrunk The Kids" project gets off the ground, i'll leap off that bridge with full gusto !