junkers climate control

Hello everybody,

I’m new here and I starting my first project with arduino and so I would like some advice.

I would like to control my junkers climate with arduino to be able to control it through my phone.

I will need an arduino, relay and wifi connection.

My first question is, how do I connect here the relay?


This is the back of the current climate control. A simple on/off and a programable by time only.

Thank you all

What is a "junkers climate"?

It will be easier to help if you make your images appear here. See this Image Guide


JUNKERS is a brand of HVAC equipment.

The device shown is a DIEHL brand timer. The left two terminals provide power to the clock motor and the right two are the timed switch contacts.

Looks like the timer contacts are rated 10A at 250VAC. To replace the time with an Arduino you would need a relay with similarly rated contacts, preferably with a 5V coil and driving hardware. Put the relay contacts in the HOT side of the power line in place of the timer.