junxion blinking problem

Hi! I'm trying to use arduino in my interactive videos. I used a simple potentiometer as an imput, junxion recognize it well, and then I controlled the video with isadora... :slight_smile: But on my second attempt, junxion became crazy, it recognizes the arduino but the values are moving constantly, and the same happens in Isadora. >:( Does anyone have any suggestion to fix this!? Thanks in advance!

How much are they moving?

A little flickering, around a certain value is to be expected from analog read.

One way to deal with it is to use an average of the last ten or so readings.

:)Thanks a lot! Your answer made me think and everything is ok now! This is my first experimentation and I wasn't looking well. One of the analogs is not moving and I can control my system with it. Does any one knows where to find simple arduino input sketches to use with junxion!? :sunglasses: