Just a big thanks to the Arduino Team!

Oaks, I am sorry to hear about the original Arduino team that have fallen apart, but from my perspective, I really don't care about the politics behind it.

For all of you: Thank you for the creation of such an excellent development platform.

Although I am very technical, I had no experience from electronic hardware design and Arduino enabled me to make electronic things work that previously I had to ask help from my guru electronic friends.

BTW: They are thrilled that I have introduced them to Arduino. They say it cut their developing time dramatically.

In short: Arduino have made it much easier even for seasoned old-school guys.

I am a mechanical Engineer and we are very dependant on electronic controls. But it cost us dearly. Now I can make my own.

Electronics is awesome! (especially if you understand mechanics)

I have much of the electronics and programming sorted. Now if I could get the mechanics.........



That's the easy part.

The thing-a-bob is attach to the watch-a-mac-all-it which is wired to the doohickey.


Yeah, but I have problems working out the gear ratio / kWh for the doohickey.