Just a quick NewSoftSerial question

Am I correct to assume that while "using" a NSS port the Hardware Serial port will still receive data into the buffer? I know only one NSS can be active at a time (multiple instances of NSS) but from what I can see (I wrote a simple sketch to try and test) the hardware serial port will still receive data into the buffer when another NSS is active. Again just looking for confirmation on this...thanks.


Why would the hardware port stop working because of a software library?

Wasn't sure if interrupts were disabled...maybe?

It is to my understanding the hardware serial has a hardware buffer, so you would not have to be afraid of missing data (unless your arduino is spammed) while waiting on blocking commands. Offcourse this buffer can overflow, if you spam it while it is waiting for a minute or more... it is bound to overflow, but under regular circumstances I don't think it should be an issue.

Please do correct me if I'm wrong, still new to arduino, but having my share of fun with it :)