Just a quick question!

Hey i'm working on a school project, now is my question is there a
Neopixel Through-Hole Led available on tinkercad?

What did your search of the Tinkercad library tell you?

Only things like NeoPixels , NeoPixel strips , NeoPixel Rings. Nothing more but i thought it was maybe listed under another name?

A single Neopixel is in there but the idea that it is a "through-hole" device is silly in the tinkercad world. You virtually wire them up. It is not for actual PCB design.

Also a Neopixel, is not just an LED, it is a WS2811/12/13/14/15 IC that allows you to clock the RGB data into the leds as well as pass it down the chain if you have a strip of them.