just a thank you..

first i would like to thank everyone for helping me and my son out…

but i would like to specifically thank the following, because without these guys we would still be stuck on specific things.

CrossRoads, Grumpy_Mike and Neight (who is just as new to this whole thing as we are)…

CrossRoads, thank you for helping me the most with my huge project - without you, i don’t think i will ever get it accomplished and for that i am very grateful! you’re not that far away from me - if we ever meet up - drinks are on me!

as for everyone else, keep up the good work!

thank you,

wow, thanks for the mention! and you are both more than welcome :) I am glad my very frustrating weekend project was able to help someone get results :P I had to bail on my original 7seg idea, and opted for an LCD display instead (made the headache go away)

Now I have all kinds of ideas running though my head, this LCD screen has really opened up some options!

I can't wait until my daughters are old enough to start teaching this stuff too. They could easily make their own toys, and have fun in the process! Great parent-child project, and I hope you guys are having fun!

Glad to help.