Just blew my L293D Dual H-bridge

Okay, noob here but I'm learning quick. Especially when I have a chip blow up in my face.

I'm working with the Adafruit Motor/Stepper/Servo Shield.

I had an external power supply attached to the shield rated at 19.5v/4.6amps (former Dell laptop supply) and had the PWR jumper pulled(open). I connect the supply and POW!, the L293D blew up in my face.

I'm sure I can replace that chip but, did I risk blowing anything else?

Thanks for any comment.

Looks like you put a short circuit across the load. The other thing you could blow up is the PSU but those normally have short circuit protection on them so that would have saved it.
Make sure you know what you did wrong before trying it again.

Thanks Mike.

I managed to get things working on the other side of the shield using the other L293D so I presumably didn't fry anything else.

I'll order up a new chip and swap it out. I were smart, I'd solder in a socket first but that would only encourage me to screw another one up instead of learning from my mistakes. ;)

Thanks again,