Just downloaded 1.0.2

Is there some standard place to keep our libraries & board variants vs copying them into the new environment every time?

Libraries should be put in {Sketchbook Directory}/libraries/ to survive upgrades.

Board variants should be put in {Sketchbook Directory}/hardware/ to survive upgrades.

Thanks, will givet that a try. Turns out the libraries folder was already there, with some stuff I don't recognize in it. Made a new hardware folder, and will copy my 1284 stuff into it.

CrossRoads: Turns out the libraries folder was already there, with some stuff I don't recognize in it.

Been there!

opinion about the 1.0.2? plus? minus? equal?

Seemed to get past initial splash screen faster compared to 1.0 & 1.0.1. That's all I've done so far. I only noticed it because I saw the release notes posted in the International forum.

Still no '1284P boards tho ...

ARDUINO 1.0.2 - 2012.11.05


* Added support for the Arduino Micro.

* Added support for the LilyPad Arduino USB.

* For Arduino Mega, having avrdude use "wiring" not "stk500v2" for
  uploads (to improve auto-reset behavior). 


* Find-In-Reference now works whether or not text is selected.

* Not generating prototypes for functions that already have them.
  (Lars J. Nielsen).

* Improved line numbers for error messages. (Paul Stoffregen)

* Automatically create libraries folder in the sketchbook.
  (Paul Stoffregen)

* Tutorial on installing libraries (linked from readme.txt in the
  libraries folder). (Limor Fried)

* Fix to allow selection of Norwegian. (Rune Fauske)

* Fix to race condition / occasional error in compilation. (gandrewstone)

* Don't break long C++ comments during auto-format.

[core / libraries]

* Included WiFi library and wifi shield firmware.

* Added ability to specify serial configuration (data bits, stop bits
  and parity check) in Serial.begin(). (Alarus)

* Avoided overruns of the incoming serial (CDC) buffer on the Leonardo.
  (Peter Van Hoyweghen)

* Avoided auto-reset of the Leonardo when opening serial port after
  upload without specifying a baud rate. (Peter Van Hoyweghen)

* Fix for tone() on the Leonardo. (Shigeru Kanemoto)

* Fix for SD library on Leonardo.

* Added other write functions on Leonardo.

* Added support for Leonardo interrupts 2 and 3. (Kristian Lauszus)

* Print ovf, inf, or nan accordingly in Serial.print(). (Nick Gammon)

* Fix initialization of SPI data lines. (gandrewstone)

* Serial.flush() waits for last byte to transmit. (michele.mazzucchi)

* Adding overloads so Serial.write(0) works.


* Fix Linux arduino script when there are spaces in directory name.

* Pass Linux command line arguments from arduino script through to the
  Java code. (Allows specifying sketch to open on command line.)


* Included examples for the starter kit.

This program crashes after 3 iterations, :

void setup() 
void loop() 
  int n = 0;
  while(n <= 100) {
    int u = 20*n;
    int v = 30*n;
    String str = String(n) + ", " + String(u) + ", " + String(v);

They haven't fixed the free() bug!

http://code.google.com/p/arduino/issues/detail?id=857 http://code.google.com/p/arduino/issues/detail?id=411

How many more releases?


Also, new.cpp still doesn't have placement new in it, nor new[] or delete[].