i'm facing some issues (with the project and also with the yun shield).

  1. First of all, i'm using the UNO with the Yun shield. (Because Arduino Yun is not available, same as the simple ethernet shield also not available). So i get the Uno + Yun shield.

First of all the Yun shield came with no MAC Address sticker on it. Is this unique for the board ? How i can find it ? Can i manually set it using the command:

byte mac = { 0x90, 0xA2, 0xDA, 0x00, 0x59, 0x67 }; ??

I needed this Mac address because temboo ask me about it. That is connected with the other issue below.

  1. In temboo configurations there is no selection for the board if it is UNO + Yun shield. I have the error about missing library temboochoreo. I think is not generated correctly from temboo web site because is not arduino yun but uno + yun shield. There is no Yun shield option in temboo. I have tried several examples with no luck like smtp2go, temboo with gmail and others. Is there any other option to simple email sending?

  2. Any other suggestions about the general idea?? Maybe a different approach? I have also a Mega board that i can attach the Yun shield if it is needed. My target now is to just send random information or text on email. Later i might try to get weather data from internet and forward to email. Final target is to read sensor values and send to email. Then save to sd card values, and later push values from sd card to email. Next, i might try to send data to server with other method (Gateway for energy meters). Most of them are 4-20mA, pulse outputs, MBus, ModBus. Do you think is technologically possible? Are there any shields available for this protocols on RS485 interface?

Thanks all members of community for the support.

Hi Bambos,

Perhaps change the title of your post to something related to the topic. To find out your shield's mac address, and the rest of the configuration, follow the guide here.

Thank you Sir,

I just cross subject 1 following your guidance. I have both MAC addresses for wired and wifi.

Still stuck on the subject 2. There is no way to generate correct code for Temboo using Arduino UNO + Yun shield. All libraries seems to support Arduino Yun and Arduino UNO + Ethernet shield (now discontinued).

Any idea about the method for simple email sending that will actually work using UNO+Yun shield?