just found - Graphical Interface Library Butterflui

Hey Gueys,
I just found this graphical user interface library. www.butterflui.org
It seems to be very simple to use.
I think it’s gonna be cool to quickly monitor you’re input and output data :smiley:
what do you think about it?

Please DO NOT write that "you" just found it, when you are the developer behind the product - is's a bad idea to fool people - Stop doing that !

You have already promoted your "product" here:

// Per.

He is not promoting. He is lying: http://blog.butterflui.org/


We made a video of a faked UI Library to sold our Idea to the Arduino community

Hmmm. OK.

I have lock this Tread bycause crosposting and is a lie.
lrinke work on this project.

Uwe Federer