Just FRIED...my 328! Please help this newB...

I had pin 13 and ground connected to another circuit and running the blinking LED when I soldered poorly on the other circuit and shorted the -5V from the Arduino with +24V off of a separate source and I'm pretty mad with myself but was tired at the time...! Anyhow now I have a burnt mark on the 328 which I guess that makes it done with for now? Also can't run the blinker anymore and in the setup I only see COM1 whereas I think I was connected previously to COM4?! Two questions please:

1- If I get a fresh 328, can I change it with existing burnt one? What do I need to do? 2- Same as above, except can I use a 8, 16 or 32 ATMEGA?

thanks for your help.

  1. you can replace the chip, but it should have a bootloader on it
  2. you can use ATmega168/328 chips
  3. if you know how to program AVR chips, you can load the bootloader yourself and just buy the chip anywhere you like

This assumes that no other part has fried, which frankly is quite unlikely. If you don’t see a COM port pop up anymore when you connect the USB cable, at least one more (expensive and not so easy to replace) component is dead.

If you post high-res and well focused images of your board, we may see what else is broken.

You may have also killed the FTDI usb chip. (since you don't get response on the COM port). At this point you may just need to decide this was a learning experience and start fresh. De-soldering/Soldering/replacing the Surface Mount FTDI chip might be a lot more frustrating than putting a bootloader on a fresh AVR chip.

You can use a new Atmega8, Atmega168, Atmega328.

Thank you Gentlemen for your help and advice. 1- I can still see Com1 but not the Com4 anymore. 2- I do agree it's the best choice to bite the bullet and move on just was wondering if I could utilizing any of 8/16/32 ATMEGA's I have could facilitate an easy test or not? Like how can I load the boot on any of these chips? I could also find a 168 and I also have Sanguini and Mega, could any of them be used to load a boot loader onto 8/16/32/64/168 chips to test my Arduino? - FTDI looks good, no scorched pins. - I don't see any other burnt marks, elsewhere neither. Please let me know if you need me to inspect other parts for physical damage evidence or if there's anything I could check by connecting and running it? The PWR green on light functions,

loading Blinks: Binary sketch size: 896 bytes (of a 30720 byte maximum) avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00 avrdude: stk500_disable(): protocol error, expect=0x14, resp=0x51

Burning with AVR ISP avrdude: ser_open(): can't open device "\.\COM1": Access is denied.


Originally since the first use I could not use Com1 I guess because of accwss denial which still seems to be the case which is why I used COm4 which was then available and not anymore.

The L light on the board is constantly on too, which must be due to previously running Blink which means it's stock with pin 13 in high mode?!


p.s. is there anyway to recover COM4?

Com4 is most likely the FTDI chip.

So, there is no quick way of checking my Arduino? Is there anyway of making the PC allow access to COM1?


p.s. If the FTDI chip is gone, does putting a bootloader on a fresh 328 chip and mounting it on the board would solve the problem or the FTDI still needs to be changed too?

If its a desktop PC, COM1 is very likely a physical 9 pin RS232 port on the back of the system box.If its a laptop, its probably an internal serial port that is part of the chipset and hasn't been wired up to the outside world. (Anyone seen a laptop with a RS232 port in the past 5 years ?). If present it can be used to program an Arduino but would require extra circuitry to make it work (invertors and/or voltage convertors). Bite the bullet and buy a new one, if money is tight buy a cheap clone from Hong Kong on Ebay.

Ebay is also a good source for buying 168/328 chips which have been preprogrammed with a bootloader. If the FTDI chip is gone, you'll need something to upload sketches to the beast.

Thanks Pluggy for the response, I would have changed it in a heartbeat had I not been stuck in a 3rd world country where I would have to pay >$100 just for freight and customs and worst wait a couple of weeks!

So, as I understand it and correct me if wrong, the problem is two folds at least: - If I find a 328 I'll still need to put a bootloader on it and without a working Arduino that is not possible since my COM4 is gone? - Also, if I could get a 328 and put a bootloader on it, still not going to resolve the fact that my FTDI is damaged too hence no COM4?

I want to help you in this but I am not good at it. But I can tell this to my brother maybe he can help you.

  • If I find a 328 I’ll still need to put a bootloader on it and without a working Arduino that is not possible since my COM4 is gone?
  • Also, if I could get a 328 and put a bootloader on it, still not going to resolve the fact that my FTDI is damaged too hence no COM4?

I’m no expert on reprogramming a bootloader, but my understanding is that you use a programmer (bought or made) plugged into the 6pin ICSP pins on the arduino which doesn’t require the FTDI working. Its something I’ve never looked into because bootloaded chips are readily and reasonably cheaply available here.

If you did get a working processor, you’d be struggling to upload sketches without the FTDI - it can be done with rs232 if you have it available and some circuitry to make it compatible with the serial on the Arduino. Unless you have the expertese and gear to replace surface mount chips, I’d consider the Arduino as a write off.

If you can get hold of a FTDI cable or USB conversiion board eg : http://moderndevice.com/connect , its fairly easy to make an arduino out of stripboard with a chip and a few basic components :


thank you guys...I guess I'll just dump it and move on. I also have an Arduino Mega and a Sanguini. I'll just as well get involved in their learning curve now.