Just fried my Arduino board

My project required the control of two servos. I wired them to the gnd and +5v lines from the board. One servo hit something and could not move. I think it drew far too much current and fried my board - with smoke too.

So, I'm thinking of trying again using two dedicated servo controllers. Can anyone recommend a good servo controller that: can be powered by something other than the board? Is smart and doesn't need too many lines from the board? Cheers :)

No need for a servo controller. What you do need is a good power source for the servo’s. The 5V from the Arduino can not supply a lot, and when powered from 12V via the jack it’s bugger all.

For the new supply, think of 1A per moving servo.

@septillion is right, you don't need any special controllers. So long as the power to the servo does NOT come from the Arduino but direct from a battery/power supply you'll be fine. 4 x NiMH rechargeable AA batteries make a pretty good supply for most small-sh servos. Battery + to servo +, battery - to servo - AND to Arduino ground. Other than that ground only the servo signals need to connect to Arduino pins.