Just gettin started - problem with XBee Shield

I went thru the simple xbee shield setup and everything seems correct. Can receive "H"&"L" on the serial monitor. LED turns on & off when connected via USB. when I switch shield to XBee and try the radios, the #13 LED flashes fast on both boards and no comm. On the radio that is sending "H" & "L", I added code to blink the LED on with "H" and off with "L". when I remove the xbee shield, the arduino runs fine. when I plug the xbee shield in, #13 LED flashes fast. appears to be not running the code.

Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong?

Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong?

Not with some more details. Which XBees do you have? (A link would be nice).

Which shields do you have?

How have you configured the XBees? Do you know that they can talk to each other?

What code is running on the two Arduinos?

First, thanks for your reply!

Here's the hardware, all purchased from FunGizmos.com 2 x XBee 1mW Chip Antenna (1mw chip) 1 x Arduino Uno (Uno) 1 x Arduino Uno Basic Bundle 2 x Arduino Xbee Shield (Bare) (Xbee (Bare))

One arduino is running the PhysicalPixel example code. the other is running the following:

void setup() { pinMode(13, OUTPUT); Serial.begin(9600); }

void loop() { digitalWrite(13, HIGH); Serial.print('H'); delay(1000); digitalWrite(13, LOW); Serial.print('L'); delay(1000); }

I followed the example from the xbee arduino website.

The xbee's are out-of-the-box. No configuration.

Per the instructions, both arduino's seem to be working while they're talking to the IDE but as soon as I disconnect, change the jumpers to xbee from USB and plug the arduinos back into the USB cables for power, they appear not to be running. I'm assuming this because the #13 LED is fast flashing on both arduino's and the #13 LED is not turning on/off on a 1 second cycle.

Let me know if you need additional info and thanks again.


Perhaps you should make a visit to digi.com and look at the variety of XBees that they make and sell. The 1mW is a power rating. Lots of models have that power level. The XBees come with 4 different antenna configurations - each model of XBee that is.

All I know now is the antenna type, which only affects range, and power level, which affects range and battery life. I still don't know which XBees you have.

I still don't know WHICH shield you have. There are at least 3 generally available.

One arduino is running the PhysicalPixel example code.

If you want help, post the code. I'm not going to go looking for it.

The xbee's are out-of-the-box. No configuration.

Both Digi and Sparkfun say that out-of-the-box, the XBees can communicate. That is a lie.

I doubt too that out-of-the-box that will work.

Look here my posts where I show what I did (actually should be private, but I show because will be usefull for you :) ):






And must know 1 thing that appears in other private post:

1 ZigBee network = 1 coordinator + (0+ routers) + (0+ end devices). End devices are awaken when their led is on (to upload firmware/communicate), so maybe would be better use 1 coordinator+1 router for testing purposes.

Good luck!