Just got my first Arduino!

It’s SOOO much fun! Being a programmer I really find this exciting since I never had the occasion to program on some real hardware before. I got myself the ARDX Experimentation starter kit from Oomlout and orderer a few tools and other things to play with as a way to really get started into electronics. I followed about 3 of the sample projects before building something more challenging with more programming involved.

I managed to put 2 8-bit shift registers and 7 bi-colour LEDs (8 LEDs wouldn’t fit on the board the way I wanted them to be ;D) and added a push button and a potentiometer. I programmed 5 different animations that you can scroll trough by pressing the push button and you control the speed of the animation by adjusting the potentiometer. Building and programming this was really fun and I might post something in the Exhibition forum to show it.

I’m planning on maybe using the arduino to do some home hacking. Like turning lights on when someone enters a room or controlling anything in the house from a computer connected to the internet. Anyone has any cool ideas of home hacking or links for ressources on the subject?

Arduino IS awesome.
I was super excited when I first got mine, too.

My next project is a box with 2 8*8 RG led matrices in the lid, not sure what it’ll do yet though!

On the home hacking topic, here’s an idea:
If you have a long hallway.
Put a line of lights on the ceiling, and make it motion sensitive so it lights only the lights directly above you.
That would be so cool. (makes me wish I had a long hallway in my house)
If you use really bright leds, you could also in a simple way use PWM and make each light brighter as you approach.
This would also be cool in a grid on the floor.

If you use really bright leds, you could also in a simple way use PWM and make each light brighter as you approach.

Now that would be pretty awesome! I suppose you could have an ultrasonic range finder at the end of the hallway, and the further along you get, the brighter the LEDs get as you walk :).

I’d love to see that done!

Haha that’s really a nice idea :stuck_out_tongue: I was thinking of doing some interactive lightning but couldn’t find a good idea for it

I wish I had the funding to try something like that, and if you do, I’d sure recommend you try it (but maybe after some moderately difficult ones to get your warmed up ;))! Sounds like a fun, challenging project!

really depends on your scale of interactive and lighting, technically pushing a button to toggle a led is both interactive and lighting


best question to ask is what do you see in your mind

i would suggest you build this:

You’ll never know when u need one!

Or build this version. It’s better because it’s self-financing ;D

Haha yeah I’ve seen videos of the Useless Machine online some time before buying my Arduino. I think when I get some free time in my life I could try making one.

As of now, I’ve only done one useful thing, I’ve used a Nunchucky board I bought with my Arduino and wrote a simple program that only sent the nunchuk data to the computer using Serial. Since I am currently a programmer using C# I made a simple program that could map any input from the nunchuck to a key on the keyboard. Now I can play games using my nunchuck by mapping keys to my keyboard! For example, I can map the joystick to the arrow keys and the C and Z buttons to my most frequently used shortcuts in the game.

I’m a programmer first so the fun part is programming the software for me :stuck_out_tongue: The Arduino part is really simple : plug in the nunchuk, load the nunchucky library and send data.