Just got SMD gear, now wheres the DIY SMD Arduino files!?!?!?

Hey guys

Just got my Reflow station, and a bag of 1206 components.....would like to make some little bare bones stand alone arduinos up on SS SMD PCBs with just ICSP.....are there any good Eagle files out there (had a google, but didnt find much thats single sided)

Single sided SMD, probably not. But you can roll your own from existing files.

Not that I've seen for SMD. Two sided with small via's is the norm.

here’s one I made earlier :slight_smile:

microDuino.zipx (35.6 KB)

mmcp42: here's one I made earlier :)

You sexy little beast, mmcp42 (if that is indeed your real name!) Thats just what I was looking for, it it kind of makes me want to have your babies......I think they would grow up to be such beautiful embedded systems engineers!

Oh and is this part ok for the Resonator?


Should work fine and looks identical to the resonators on all of my Arduino boards.