Just in time for Halloween...

I am not kidding, I pulled up to my house just minutes ago, to find a white van parked across the street, visiting a neighbor. At this moment, I’m not sure if it’s a social call from a friend, or a professional call… because it’s from :
http://www.cmpsonline.net/ - “The Central Massachusetts Paranormal Society” ;D

I’ll find out what’s up later… but it got me musing. What could we use an Arduino for in terms of Ghost Hunting?

As far as I read, it seems they use devices to measure temperature (Arduino 101), some kind of EMF reading (okay, this is pretty sketchy), and audio recordings and such. Cameras at times. Most of it pretty much manual. Seems to me if you want to catch something that’s rare and transient at best, you’re better off building a trap rather than sitting around all day hoping to get lucky. The thing is, an Arduino is a great tool for triggering devices like a camera or whatever based upon sensing a change, etc… a microcontroller is a really good answer to the needs.

So… Feasible, Fanciful, or just plain Psychotic… can you design the “Better Arduino Ghost Trap”?

Just in time?

Well when you posted it was (and still is) halloween here :slight_smile:

Hmm, weird stuffs. Too tired to think of arduino ghost detection systems ;D


Where Im from halloween is just starting…to bad I dont had the time to prepare something with an Arduino, maybe not a ghot trap

but a kid-scaring-device hahaha

Im not fan of halloween, but if you are…happy halloween !!

Im not fan of halloween



I like Halloween, but at the same time too lazy to do anything about it.

I used to ‘get’ Halloween, but then I was just seven years old, with a mental age of seven.

Hehe… it’s nobody’s religious thing (okay, loose connection, but not in the celebrated sense), the kids get a kick out of it, and it’s the last decent reason during the warmer parts of the year to go to a house party where young housewives decide to squeeze into a vampy vampire outfit…that alone is worth it…

I would set up several arduinos in a graveyard to map the migration patterns, and daily habits, identify social cliques, etc.

I would set up several arduinos in a graveyard to map the migration patterns, and daily habits, identify social cliques, etc.

Haha sounds great. Any ideas on the sensors to use yet? ;D

Hehe… it’s nobody’s religious thing

Actually, it’s the Judeo-Christian Demonisation of pagan holiday of Samhain.

Well the Samhain connection was the pseudo-religious connection… but apparently it goes back even further as some type of end-of-the-harvest festival. depending on who you listen to, the candy/gifts and costumes were supposed to fend off bad spirits or confuse them so they couldn’t get you…“Hey beelzebub, weren’t you supposed to be posessing some guy named Jim Smith right now?”…“Yeah, but when I went over, all I saw was a pirate chasing around a scantily-clad nurse and Catwoman. No Jim Smith… he’s an accountant, but all I saw was a pirate… Ah well, I’ll just skip him and move on down the list…” - makes all the sense in the world.

And sadly, the visit by the “ghost busters” next door was social…

It is actually a cross quarter day. That is a day half way between a solstice and an equinox. A lot of religions attached themselves to such astronomical events. Look at Christmas (a solstice ) and Easter ( a cross quarter day sort of ish ).