just landed on this forum

Dear Sirs, i would like to make a new experience, by using Arduino Cards to interface my virtual flight consolle to the flight simulator 10 , the last of microsoft house.

anyone of you have did that at once ???

i dont know if the arduino cards has the software recognized from the FSX for switches, rotary encoders, axes and led of course

your help will be apprecciated regards lorenzo


The Arduino Leonardo boards can mimic the behavior of keyboard and mouse, so you can connect sensors and buttons to a Leonardo and have it interpret their input and send to the PC as, say, keyboard shortcuts.

I'm not sure about communications the other way around, though. How does the simulator output data to peripherals?

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I don't know the answer to your question but I reckon you would be much more successful if you go back to your first post and modify the title so it explains what you want to know.

I only came here because I thought you were just saying "Hello".