Just picked up an Arduino Yun Shield, and had some capability questions

Hi Guys,

Picked up this Yun shield, and figured I could use it with my Leonardo or Due (any particular reason I should pick one over the other besides the Due being more powerful?)

First question is on OpenWRT that comes resident on the shield. I read that this comes with an SSH server, but know very little about linux and have just started to get into Ubuntu. I assume openWRT is minimalist by design, but was curious if it could handle something simple like broadcasting a website to people who connect to it over wifi? I'd like it to broadcast some sensor data, and that's pretty much it. I figured if I wanted to do additional data storage, I could use the onboard sd port. Can the Yun shield do all of these things, and are there any good tutorials/examples out there of such a system?

I read the Yun should be used with the DC connection to prevent overheating to the arduino board. I believe I also read that the two boards combined could handle up to 23v. This may solve my issue of connecting peripherial items like multiple fans, temperature monitors, and servos. Does the added voltage capacity provide the opportunity to add things like these directly to the boards rather than using wall warts or a 120v AC to DC inverter?

Is it a Dragino Yun Shield v2.3 ? http://www.dragino.com/products/yunshield/item/98-yun-shield-v2-3.html

It can do many things, but it is not easy. Use it with a Leonardo board, or else you make it even more complex. Select board 'Yun' in the Arduino IDE.

Read the documentation. https://www.arduino.cc/en/Main/ArduinoBoardYun http://playground.arduino.cc/Hardware/Yun Read all the documents on the Dragino website.

The "Bridge" is the most important thing. It is serial communication via pin 0 and 1 between the Leonardo and OpenWRT. https://www.arduino.cc/en/Reference/YunBridgeLibrary

OpenWRT can be accessed with the web interface. Go to the IP number with a browser. To run commands in OpenWRT, there is telnet SSH (I use putty for that).

To power the Leonardo and the Dragino shield, read the documentation and the schematic. The Dragino Yun Shield v2.3 has two dc-dc converters for 5V and for 3.3V. The input is VIN. Since VIN is also powering the Leonardo board, it should be not too high. For example between 7.5V and 9V. You can power everything via VIN or via the power barrel jack. The Leonardo has a diode from the power barrel jack to VIN.

The OpenWRT can run a website. The Leonardo can read data from sensors. I had some trouble with transferring data from the Leonardo to the website (via the Bridge) to the OpenWRT website : https://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=372543.0