Just saying hello (new on forum)

Hi all,

This is just an opening/test thread to check this is working and to say a big thanks to everyone who has contributed to this excellent forum so far. I've used it SO much this past 9 months and nearly always found very good answers to my questions without ever having to post a thing. Really great stuff!

Anyhow, I thought I'd join, in case I feel the need to post some time, the account will be there. I may even have something to contribute library wise in the future.

Cheers, Hi and thanks again. You guys have been great!

Hello to you also.

Welcome Knelf,

If you have been " lurking" for 9 months, you will have seen that there is so much help out there .

Post your enquiries about your new project, and as well as the genuine help you will get ( notice who was the first to reply to your post ? ) you are going to get some stick as well from some other clued up guys, but in all their sarcasm there is usually the help you need.

Be thick skinned and enjoy the rewards of making your own blinking light, or sailing boat drone controller - whatever :slight_smile:

I got into this as a Great Grandfather, and have found it so rewarding !

Welcome Knelf.

Interesting, how can you have 0 posts when you just posted?

14-10-2014 10-06-03 AM.jpg

Bar Sport posts don't increase the count.

Are newbies not allowed to give Karma until some post count has been reached?

Don't know.

OK, thanks.


Thanks and welcome Knelf.

Hi Knelf and welcome.
You may have noticed that all the folks that have replied on this thread have given their location in their profile.
It's nice to know whereabouts in the world the person you're speaking to lives and sometimes helpful to us when you ask for advice. E.g. if you're in Europe we know your mains voltage is 220 -240V, and if your in North America it's 110V.
So please add your country, at least, to your profile.
My guess is that your either in Denmark or Scandinavia.