Just scavenged my old UPS screen, it is possible to make it work with an arduino

Greetings tinkerers. As you read on the title, i just scavenged some reusable parts of an old ups and i got a screen which i can’t find information about connectivity and driving through an arduino.

Im already using an arduino uno r3 and an arduino nano pro for home automations. I haven’t use any screens yet on my projects. I have already tried to search online about connectivity using the numbers on the plastic holder on the back of the screen and the chipset without any luck. I have attached an image of the piece hopefully to find somebody with more knowledge.

It would be somewhat more useful to see the interface connections.

General principle of device hacking - you have (much) more chance to use it by adapting the complete assembly including the microprocessor already there.

The UPS got usb connection, i just added some photos of the main chipset, it can be probably the controller close to the screen connection?

Yes, a PIC16F73. A very well-known and documented chip albeit not on this forum

If they have not secured the code in that, you would be able to read it and disassemble it to find out the display routines. Otherwise you have to figure out all the circuit and do a lot of experimentation.

Still makes more sense than trying blind to make it work with a different processor.

Thanks a lot for your effort Paul. I will search about the chip and post any updates here.