Just to share. Arduino eagle library with drilled top side pad

Dear All ..
I don't know if it will have any use or not.

SMD part is easy to get.
But when we design Arduino Shield based on available eagle library .. we need to use Long stackable PInHeader.
This kind of pinheader is hard to find in such are.

So I think we need an eagle library with "pad" on top side.

My try is to use Adafruit library.
I made a note of all :

  • Drill Size
  • Pad Diameter
  • Pad location of each pin
  • Pad Names

I delete the original botom side pad ,
Put SMD pad with the size as noted pad diameter and 100% Roundness
Combine it with "Hole" at size of noted drill size

And here it come in attachment,
Note : not tested yet .. maybe you can help me to print it on transparency and compare it with your Arduino board


arduino_pad.lbr (6.16 KB)