Just wanted to say HI!

soo.. Hello everyone!

I am totally new to microcontrollers, but have strong attitude to learn. Have some programming experience (including C/C++), but nothing more.

My goal is to lern how to assembly LED controller (sunsets, sunrises) and a programmable power bar, right now I came through the "blinking led" sketch and lit an RGB led (wchich I consider as a big success).

I hope there is some place for totally unexperienced people (like me) asking silly questions.

Right now I have a leonardo board (two in fact, I thought one of them died during my experimentations) and two boxes with staff I can barely name.


Hi, welcome to the forum. Good luck in your experiments. Don't forget current limit resistors when controlling LEDs.

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Hi Coach, how come this is happening?
Entries in the Bar Sport won't count?

That's what I've heard.