JY-MCU Bluetooth and Arduino Uno

Hi there!

I am currently working on a wearable that measures cardiovascular data. The wearable will be on the wrist, and I plan to use Bluetooth to send wireless data. I am currently using an Arduino Uno, and am making an iOS app compatible with the wearable (hopefully).

The Bluetooth module I ordered was this one (https://core-electronics.com.au/attachments/guides/Product-User-Guide-JY-MCU-Bluetooth-UART-R1-0.pdf). I have got a pulse sensor working properly, and plan to sync the Bluetooth module to the Arduino Uno tomorrow.

My question is: How can I get the Bluetooth module to send data (heart rate) to the iOS App (Swift) ? The app will supposedly display a Time vs. Heartrate graph, and the pulse sensor displays serial values. I have tried to look for instructions, but can’t seem to find any. Have any of you ever experienced this situation before, and have experience with iOS, Bluetooth, and Arduino?

I apologize if my question is broad or too general, but I will learn to ask better questions in my time in this forum. Sorry if I wasted your time by reading this. Any help is appreciated, and words could not express my gratitude. Thanks in advance.

-Clueless Arduino Kid

(P.s. I did one project last year with motors, making an automated pet feeder, so I do have experience).


in the most cases you need a ble (bluetooth low energy, imho 4.0) - module to establish a connection to an ios device.

JY-MCU (known as HC-05/06) does often not work with ios devices.

Regards, MiNo