k-30 co2 sensor - flashing lights?


I've got a K30 hooked up and measuring quite nicely, but I'd like to have it as part of a sensor suite inside a room. Problem is, the flashing lights from the K30 are pretty noticeable during the nighttime!

I wondered how anyone else has tackled the problem.. Difficult to box it up as the air won't be circulating. I did look through the sensor PDF and couldn't see anything obvious. But I don't know, maybe they're to do with its operation so can't be turned off.

Wondered if anyone else has a neat solution?


It's an optical sensor. The lights are required to sense the CO2.

You can try painting the outside black. But really you need a light baffle that allows no straight line of sight between the lights and the outside. Maybe a little tiny tiny fan to circulate the air through the baffle if it's really important to get the response time down? But the response is pretty slow on the sensor in practical use (not in their test setup) so pretty much any baffle that has a few holes for air will work.

Thanks for the response! Well that explains it, I'll go with constructing something to obscure. Hopefully can avoid the fan!