K-thermocupler sensor

Hello all,

I ve just come across to arduino through a friend from uni. I never worked with this system, so I need some help. I hope someone have spare few minutes to give me a guidance.
Firstly, I d like to ask you which arduino will be best to use as a data logger. I would like to register the temperature of a motorcycle exhaust around a track to design a new exhaust system. Therefore, I need a board with a reasonable memory to allow a few minutes recording window. Could anybody recommend me the best board for this application.
Secondly, I want to use a K-thermocupler which can measure up to 1000 C degrees. From previous posts read I figured out that I will need an amplifier. I found the amplifier "AD595CQ, Thermocouple Amplifier, 15kHz 5 V, 14-Pin CDIP" from RS Components. Is this a correct set up? would arduino be able to read the signal from the K thermocupler through this particular amplifier??? if so which arduino would you recommend me to use for these purposes.

Thank you very much before hand.


Setup, yes. That chip & thermocouple are often used in reflow oven controllers.
My 1284 board with RTC & SD card and space for a DIP chip and some Rs, Cs to be added would be good. 16K SRAM for buffering lots of data before pushing it to SD card.
Available with & without screw terminals, and onboard or offboard USB/Serial module. Ships worldwide.

AD594_595.pdf (137 KB)

Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!