K type thermocouple with Arduino Mega 2560

Hi everyone,

I am looking for a type K thermocouple to use with the Arduino Mega 2560 board which I want to program in LabView. Can you please suggest a compatible type K thermocouple?

Thank you very much.

You will need a K-type thermocouple amplifier.

Select the thermocouple to match the environment in which it will be used.

All K type thermalcouples have the same v/t curve. That is why the are called K type. The type you'll use depends on the application. Some are just bare wire while others are in nice stainless tubes. Also, how far away you plan on placing the amplifier from the K junction end can be an issue. Each circuit junction can create a voltage. If you have it a long way from the amplifier it is wise to use K type wire. All thermalcouples are also effected by hardening of the wire. Sharp bends at thermal gradients should be avoided. Calibrated 1K or 10K RTD's are much easier to use. ( not to be confused with a thermister ). As JRemington suggest, you will need a thermocouple amplifier to bring the TC voltage within a range matching the Arduino's analog input. Dwight

Or use a thermocouple digital output shield - I've used some based on the MAX6675 chip which work very well...