Kambrook Power Point Controller

Has anyone experienced interfacing to a Kambrook RF4471 Power Point Controller.

It’s a 433 MHz, handheld controller that can switch on/off five different power outlets plugged into the house power point.
The controller looks like it scans the 10 switches (5 for on, and 5 for off)

Could fit 10 relays and use them to simulate a switch being pressed, but must be a better way of doing it as the relays will cost more than the Kambrook system( that has one controller plus three main powered switched outlets)


It seems to me that you’re complaining that Kambrook has an economy of scale and that you can’t build something like this cheaper than you can buy it. It happens. Aside from organizing a labor strike at Kambrook I don’t think anyone here can change that.

All my problems solved with a ten 4N25 opto-couplers. (Each channel needs, one for off, and one for on)
Now able to wireless control five 220V outlets. The powered units are also approved, and deliver 10 Amps

It also no longer needs the internal 12V battery, as this is regulated down to 5V.