KANTEXH ioProx P325KP Wiegand problems....

I recently got the RFID/keypad above but I’ve gotten to some problems. I did some searching on the forums and found some sample code (http://www.arduino.cc/cgibin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1240374471/15). The problem is that I don’t get any output from the arduino when I try to scan the RFID card I use to enter my school. What might cause this is that the card is not compatible with the Wiegand reader but I will get some card that is supposed to work soon. But what makes me wonder is that I don’t get any output when I press the buttons on the keypad either?.
So now I wonder if anyone can help me to figure this out? it would be really helpful.

//Jhon Doe

Some code and a schematic would be helpful.

Oh sorry i did not realize i hade a broken link... here is the code i tried: http://www.arduino.cc/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1240374471/15

This is the reader i have: http://www.kantech.com/WebApps/getDocument.aspx?filename=ioProx_LTEN_R01_LR.pdf

I connected 5v from the arduino to the PWR pin on the reader(it runs on 5 -14v)

arduino gnd pin to gnd on reader.

and the D0/D1 pins on the reader as it says in the example code above.

I can se tht the reader starts up(it blinks an beeps) but i get no output from it. but i dont get

There is no code in Reply #15. There is code in Reply#16. Is that the code you are running?

If so, that code has no provision, that I can see, for reading the keypad data.

Okay. I tried to add some that would send a message to the serial port every time the interrupter was triggered but it never triggers when I press the buttons on the keypad(the buttons is also supposed to go over the D0/D1 lanes.

In this project I use a Wigand reader into an arduino, in fact three readers. http://www.thebox.myzen.co.uk/Hardware/Crazy_People.html The code is supplied also.

Have you got pull up resistors on the outputs they are mainly open collector. Do you know how many bits you are expecting? Does the keypad output each key as it is pressed, wait until the # is pressed or wait until so many keys have been pressed, all three are options that are used. That data sheet you posted is rubbish get back to your supplier and get a proper one.