KaraClass a GUI user screen environment based on marekburiak.github.io/ILI934


karaClass is a skeleton to build structured user screen on ILI9341 touch screen (around 6$ in china) for arduino due.
Probably it can work on other boards like mega or teensy and with other library

Defined main classes are:
TScreen: the screen itself
TPanels: a container of TPanel and TButtons
TPanel: the main part of the screen
TButtons: a container of raw of TButtons. displayed from bottom to top of TPanels
TButton: a button
TStBar: a panel at the top of the screen. It contains TStatus object.
TKeyboard: a complete qwerty keyboard

A TButtons panel can be in group mode ie only all TButton are in toggle mode but only one can be On.<
A TButton can be a simple push button or a toggle button (bi-stable) with or without an image and with a caption.

See the example to show these elements in action.
The example needs additional libraries:
DueTimer cannot live without it






Version 1.02 sur github

Some new classes
onTouch and onUntouch events

Great work Jean-Pierre. If I ever get to update ILI9341_due documentation, do you mind if I post a link to your video?

For sure :)

I will make a new one for 1.03 release soon. (a slider added, an onSlide action added and some cosmetic changes and organization in the code)


Version 1.03 on github https://github.com/karawin/karaClass

Some new classes onSlide, onTouch and onUntouch events


Pattern for user code. New video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f44uVu8w-bA

how can we edit this library to use with arduino mega and the screen in link;


KaraClass is based on ILI9341_due.h - Arduino Due library for interfacing with ILI9341-based TFTs

You have to adapt to a new TFT library for your screen, change the DueTimer to an equivalent for the mega, and that's it ;-)

ILI9341_due works on Mega, Uno, Nano, Pro Mini...as well.

ILI9341_due works on Mega, Uno, Nano, Pro Mini...as well.

Great. Only DueTimer to adapt. Not so hard.

How can I make this work on Uno? What can replace the DueTimer?