Kaysan Stepper Motor ( Motor Shield or Easy Driver ) ? How to stop motor after r

Hello, I am currently working on a project. The project is about rotating some sort of pipes. I have not figured out where to place the electric motor but all I am working on now is setting up the circuit and the motor.

I have a kaysan stepper motor nema 17 Datasheet link : http://www.kysanelectronics.com/Products/datasheet_display.php?recordID=7850

I am planning to have the motor rotate one or two rotations in only one direction and then stop. When a push button is pressed the motor will start rotating the one or two rotations.

I did some research and I found out that I need a motor shield or Easy drive to control the motor. So far I have the following items: 1. kaysan stepper motor nema 17. 2. Arduino Uno Board. 3. Adafruit Motor Shield v2.3 4. Easy Driver Shield Stepper Motor Driver V44 A3967. 5. Push buttons and the circuit board.

I am really not sure what is the best to use between the Adafruit Motor Shield and the EasyDriver. What is best suitable for my application ? and in terms of the Arudino code how do I make the motor stop completely after specific number of rotations. I have the Stepper Motor connected to the Arduino and I tested it using the Example code in the Arduino software but I am not really sure how to make the motor stop completely? As of the power supply, I am planning to use an external battery buy not sure what voltage I need.

Your help is really appreciated.


well you start the motor by sending pulses /steps to it when the steps stop so does the motor if the motor has 200 steps/rev sending 200 pulses makes it do one turn and it stops with its holding torque unless power is removed or the driver is disabled. you want to use a shield specific to steppers not dc motors for best interfacing

That motor requires 1.7 amps per coil so a 0.75 amp Easydriver is NOT suitable. Even a BigEasydriver might be too close to its 2 amp limit. The Pololu DRV8825 has a slightly higher capacity (2.2 amps IIRC) and is the one I would recommend.

These links may help Stepper Motor Basics Simple Stepper Code


A motor shield will not drive a low-impedance stepper like yours. A chopper-driver is needed, which control the current, not the voltage.

A DRV8825 will do I think, as 1.5A is just within its range (some cooling may be needed like a small fan/heatsink).

Get the AccelStepper library and start looking at the examples, its a good starting point.