Kedei Taobao TFT LCD and Arduino Mega please Help

I trying to connect an taobao kedei tft lcd screen to my arduino MEGA, I wired the data pin D0-D7 to the mega pin 22-29, I found out that the model in it was 0x0303. I tried many tft lcd library available on the net and all produce an white screen and blackllight on

please help thx in advance

This work on a UNO I don't know if they are good for a Mega

Thx for the reply

I downloaded the program and upload to my arduino MEGA 2560 mount directly

The display always show a white screen with background light on


Uhmmm... I searched for Kedei shop on Aliexpress and it seems that he closed. It is still on taobao maybe you can email to them as I did.