keep and name a sensor value


for my project I want to keep and name a variable value at the start of the program. so I can subtract it later.
maybe it is a dumb question, but I could not find it anywhere online.

Define your variable as a global, and do the initialisation in the setup function

You can also a static variable declared in the relevant function:

float read_sensor ()
  static float sensor_baseline = -999 ; // some flag value at program start
  float value = ...... ; // read the sensor
  if (baseline == -999)  // first time called record the baseline - assumes -999 is not a valid sensor reading
    baseline = value ;
  return value - baseline ;

Keeping a static variable with local scope like this is neater than having a global. Note that such
a static has only one copy that lives the life of the program, which is why this works. The function
is self-contained and you don't need to remember to do anything in setup()

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