Keeping an Arduino in a freezer

I am looking to put an Arduino in a freezer but I'm worried that condensation might interfere. Does anyone have any ideas?

The 'condensation' is unlikely to damage the Arduino so why not try it and see ?

I am sure we all have loads of ideas. the first thought that is coming to my head is why are you wanting to put an arduino in a freezer? You could stick it in a freezer bag! It wouldn't get condensation then.

When You take the Arduino out of the freezer You let it dry up before using it.....
Check the specifications for storage temperature and operating temperature.

Are you going to use the Arduino to run or sense something in the freezer?

Condensate happens when you have a cold object in a warmer humid area, most freezers today are frost-less so I would not expect frost on the Arduino unless you removed it from the freezer. Protecting the Arduino in an enclosure is a good idea anytime you move a project off the test bench.

I have run Arduino Pro Minis in the freezer, just to see how much drift there can be in a LoRa device when its at -20C.

No problems running in the freezer with the Arduino in bag, but condensation on the board is a dead cert when you bring the cold Arduino out into the warm moist air ................................

The air inside a freezer is dry because any moisture that does get in quickly freezes on the coldest surface, which is always going to be the freezer's evaporator. The problem comes when you take something out, then the moisture in the warm air condenses on to the cold object you have removed from the freezer.

Or when you open the door and let warm moist air in where it will condense on the first surface that increases its relative humidity to 100% and shortly after freeze. Water ice also sublimates in a freezer and can move around in funny ways which may have effects when it defrosts especially if a uC is providing heat in some areas and not others. Protection would be wise